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motoexplorers 2017 CHINA expedition

Supporting independent travelers ride Europe, Asia , China, Laos & Thailand

We specialise in supporting independent travel through China for foreign registered vehicles / motorbike
and have assisted riders from most corners of the world - join together into a small ride team to explore China together.

Friendly flexible advice and co-ordinating service for overland China.

Flexible free-spirited adventures

Follow in the footsteps of Marco Polo exploring the ancient Silk Routes across far eastern Europe to Asia exploring the mysterious lands along the Silk Routes to China.

Motoexplorers have organized and operated Trans-China motorcycle expeditons since 2009.
Supporting free-spirted adventure motorcyclists to explore into China, Laos and moto routes to Asia.

Few western riders get to explore China

2017 CHINA-THAILAND - motorbike-expedition

Ride your own motorcycle through China

Expeditions ride, China stage: Spetember 2017 - finish: October 2017

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2017 ride Bookings close April 2017.

Options to join any stage, ie Meet from Bishkek, China & Kyrgyzstan stages

join from Europe, Russia, Bishkek or Torugart Pass, ride: China to Laos: £5200
(solo options/ rtn bike shipping from Thailand)

Ride you own motorcycle across seldom seen Chinese provinces
Riding out across the best of eastern Europe, it's not long before you'll find yourself experiencing strange new places little explored by western riders

motorbike riding across china

Flexible ride plans enable you to explore at your pace
Explore in small groups or ride alone with the safety of joining up with fellow riders at key stages


Trans-China riding the Silk Road

Real eastern Europe - off the 'tourist trail'
Remote Romania (optional)
Rugid beauty & adventures in Kazakhstan
The Great Wall of China
Hiden Tibeten provinces & monastries
Stunning Chinese riding
Vibrant diversity of central China

motorbike china great wall

china forst motoexplorer bike road tour

Route notes, hotel contacts and local guide services

A journey of discovery & adventure taking you across up to 16 Countries & 12000 miles during which you'll experience an immense variety of cultures, stunning landscapes, invigorating riding as you motorcycle through parts of the world that very few western riders will ever see.

UK - China exploring the Silk Road by motorcycle
map of silk route to china

Explore China by motorcycle

Silk Road to
Great Wall of China


Motoexplorers for details


"Looking back it is difficult to put into words, two and a half months of life changing experiences"

"I am just fortunate to be one of the few people who have travelled this route. I had more adventures in Kazakhstan alone than in a life time of riding"

John Hughes - China rider Triumph Tiger

china motorbike rider


"This trip must be one of the best adventure trips in the world for the price. I enjoyed the first part of the trip, so different from anything else I have done before"

"Steve (Motoexplorers) has been great, he is a true professional in his field. I cant thank you enough Steve. I would recommend his company without hesitation" Peter Knight , Australia

China Silk Road Moto adventures


Explore the Trans-Asia Silk road with Motoexplorers Adventure Bike Tours

"The Specialists in riding east "

Only Motoexplorers include;

The real Silk Route riding experience, along with the very best riding routes across eastern Europe.

Slovakia Tatra mountains (option)
Real Romania & Carpathian mountains

Choice of Silk Routes
North or South
to China

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t: 07788 101144

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2017 CHINA ride
China stage Sept 2017

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UK - China exploring motorbike expeditions.