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Owning & riding the 800 GS

First hand experience of the BMW GS
We have used the 800 GS adventure on tours from 2008.

Extensive experience from both our own & riders bikes.

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800 GS review

2008 model GS800 ADVENTURE

GS800 known problems / recalls
Nothing major to worry about & if your bike has been serviced by the supplying dealer, they should already have checked these (but maybe not if you used a different dealer)

1. Front axel - some bikes have in-correct ground front axel which is a major issue (mine was one of them!!! now replaced.)
BMW agents can easily check this with a special tool which BMW have supplied for this purpose. If it's the correct thickness - all is fine, if it's not then BMW must replace the front axel. (as per my bike)

2. Chain - BMW are aware that their chain is very poor quality (sourced from a not so top quality Czech supplier!!??) If it breaks in Europe, they'll replace under warranty so no major problem so long as you're A/ In warranty B/ In Europe
Once you go out of either, I'd replace it with a 'DID' one straight away. 116 links x 520 p (keep a spare one if you venture beyond Europe)

3. As per any BMW the EWS ignition module is a weakness & can leave bikes stranded. (again, we carry a spare one - just in case) / also covered under bikes warranty.

4. Water hose on right side - BMW recall to fit a larger hose (this should have been done on a service / recall)

5. Recall to slightly modify computer / ignition, some bikes were known to stall. I never had a problem before or after this recall!

That's it, Nothing much / nothing BMW probably not already checked for you?
Basically, The 800's about perfect for our kind of touring.

Useful 800GS touring extras

Motorbike GPS Sat Nav - we run Garmin zumo 550's (although the gradles break eventually!!)

Touring GPS maps, Europe, World options & how to use; Garmin Europe mapping now covers all of the sections we tour throughout Eastern europe,
in good detail.

Tank bags

Metal motorcycle lugggage: The BMW metal luggage works quite well. Nice feature is the ignition coded keys.
Strong chains: scrap the weak BMW one and fit a 'DID' - 11,000 miles = no problems at all "DID"

Tyres: Runs well on off road tyres & easy to fit yourself

Tyre changing, Tyre specs, sizes, options
BMW 800 GS Tyres:
Rim, front 2.15 x 21" Tyres, front 90/90 - 21 54V
Rim, rear 4.25 x 17" Tyres, rear 150/70 - 17 69V

Bike protection

Crash bar options & fitting, We have Metal-M's fitted - we're tricky to fit but do the job, having saved the bike from a few tumbles in the kazak-sand!!!!

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GS 800 BMWGS motorbike
2008 BMW GS800

Kyrgyzstan, Riding to China.


BMW GS 800

BMW 800 GS
Tall screens
800GS Adventure equipment

GS Tours
May - Sept

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800 GS Adventure - Summary

2008 model:

2009 model:

2010 model:

Oil: Castrol GPS semi-synthetic 20/40 20/50

Oil usage: expect aprox 100-250cc / 1000 miles for correctly run in bikes.

Economy: touring ave 60 mpg
Brake wear: very light on brakes, 12,000m +
Tyre wear: very light on tyres, 10,000m +
Tyre choice: Metzler Karoo - suits the bike

Known faults & issues:
EWS module weak spot, especially pre-08 bikes

Advice: Carry a spare + spare key

bmw gs800

GS models featured 2006 to 2010 F800 GS


BMW GS 800 Adventure Spec

Tall touring Screen
Metal hand guards, Rad guard
Headlight guard
Fully adjustable B&C levers
Full length metal sump guard
sump fitted locking tool box
Metal Mule crash bars
Centre stand
Htd grips, Computer, hard protectors
Adventure luggage
DiD Gold chain