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India is a country so full of variety, so much magic, so ever-changing that visitors always differ on how best to describe it:  ‘a sensory overload’, ‘incredible’, ‘it will cast a spell on you’… But most agree on one thing: the only way to really experience India is on a motorbike. We only have six motorbikes on any one tour to allow everyone to enjoy a hassle free, personalised trip.

Motorcycle touring in India

Extreme Bike Tours currently offer six tours - three in the Himalayas, Tibet with a visit to Everest Base Camp and to see Mt Everest, plus tours in South India. Every tour has everything one could need- support vehicles, mechanics, cooks and even a spare rider should anyone want a rest (although why would they?!)

Extreme Bike Tours has a fleet of 500cc Royal Enfield Bullets. Although now produced in Tamil Nadu, the ‘Bullet’ still follows the same design as the original 1950s model shipped from Britain. And we have customized our bikes with specialized British parts to make them smoother and more comfortable, but without losing any of their legendary gusto. Nothing sounds like a Bullet. Nothing looks like a Bullet. And nothing feels like a Bullet. With the envious stares from everyone you pass and the rip-roar engine between your legs you feel like the King of the Road.

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Why explore India with us?

We have passion & experience
Zander, an Englishman, has traveled extensively in India since 1992. He has been riding motorbikes for as long as he can remember and toured around many parts of Asia. He now lives in India and organises and runs the tours for Extreme Bike Tours.

Between all of us we have a combined touring time around India of over 35 years so you are in the safest of hands. All you will need to worry about is driving safely and getting from a to b and having fun. All you other needs will be taken care off by our team.

On the Himalayan tours Belle Ram and his team look after us. They are all born and raised in the Himalayas and know how to cook incredible food and find the best camping spots.

We also have assistants who help with looking after the equipment, our clients needs, putting up the tents and driving any of the bikes should anyone want a rest from the saddle.

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Our fleet of Royal Enfield's are all 500cc Bullets. We have updated some of the features on the bikes to make them more suitable for the distances and terrain that we travel on the tours.

The famous Royal Enfield Company originally manufactured the Bullet with the logo 'made like a gun, goes like a Bullet'. The motorbikes have been used in both world wars and were also shipped out to the USA where they became known as Indian Motorcycles. Since the 1950's the motorbikes have been made in Chennai, India and the Bullet has kept the same design as it had when it was built in the UK.

These motorbikes have a slightly different set up to the Japanese and German models most of us ride today. The gear lever is on the right and the brake is on the left. It doesn’t take long to get used to these fantastic machines.

Motorcycle tours of India

The first tour runs from Manali to Leh. The second tackles this famous stretch of road in reverse. For the true adventurer, these tours take you through some of the world’s highest motorable roads- up to frosty-beard altitudes of 18,390 feet. Leh and the surrounding areas of Ladakh are only accessible between June and September as snowfall blocks the way up for rest of the year. After leaving the lush alpine green of Manali and weaving your way up and up and up and over the snow-banked Rohtang Pass, you’ll be launched onto a lunar landscape all the way to Leh and beyond. From Leh the tours head into the most northern parts of India, across deserts with double-humped camels, past hot springs and through one after another after another magnificent valley.
Where no good accommodation can be found, or even no accommodation can be found, Extreme Bike Tours team puts up amazing camps with western manufactured tents and comfy beds. At night it can almost feel like your head is in the stars surrounded by snow capped peaks. It truly is the most sensational tour and one that every rider should do once in their life.

For a less extreme but equally as memorable take on the Himalayas, this tour takes riders around the tribal districts of Himachal Pradesh. Starting from the famous Kullu valley, known as the ‘Valley of The Gods’, you wind your way into the time-warp architecture of Shimla- a slice of England much as it was during the Raj days as the summer capitol.  The tour then heads into some of the most beautiful valleys in the Himalaya- Kannaur, Spiti and Lahaul- before heading back into Kullu. Crossing three passes, the highest at an altitude of 14,900 ft, through orchards and mystical lakes, the well-maintained roads allow riders to put their Bullets through their paces. The valleys will echo with the roar of your engine. Buddhist temples line the route and you get a true feeling of how people have lived here for thousands of years, smiling faces and locals waving as you cruise pass. The mix of beautiful valleys, ancient civilizations and the pure joy of riding a 500cc Royal Enfield is sure to keep the dinner party chatter alive long after you get back home.

The South India tour covers the finest hill stations of Kerala and Tamil Nadu and the famous beaches of Goa. The scenery feels like something out of an old movie, as you pass coffee, tea plantations and plantation houses.  The panoramic views of the Indian plains below will blow you away as you cruise around the effortlessly winding roads, the Bullet purring from the cool air of the tea plantations, and back down onto the warmer climate and open highways of the Indian plains.
Starting in Cochin near the Arabian Sea, the tour takes the riders inland through the hill-stations of Munnar and Kodai Konal, Ooti and Madikeri and before looping back to Udipi on the Arabian Sea. As you rumble up the western coast of India through Karnataka and into Goa, you’ll be topping up the tan, pulling over for some beach action before ending up at our base in Anjuna and its world famous flea market. Throw in the countless Hindu temples along the way this is an experience you’ll never forget, the experience of “Incredible India”.
And if you thought Goa was all white-sand beaches, prawn vindaloo and exotic cocktails, you’d be wrong.  Deserted Ridley Turtle nesting sites and Old Portuguese mansions dot the coast as much as the full power party crowds.

All tours are inclusive of everything except, International flights and Visas and Alcohol. Please go to www.extremebiketours.comor email info@extremebiketours.comfor the experience of a lifetime.

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Best of India

Our fleet of Royal Enfields are all customized 500cc Bullets.

New more comfortable seats

Uprated suspension

Uprated carbs

Uprated clutch

Bikes included

Ride Himalayas

Mighty Himalayan 1

This Tour takes you over three of the worlds highest motor able roads. Amazing views surround us as we travel over the roof of the world up to heights of 18.380 ft. An amazing experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.
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Tibet & Everest

Tibet Motorcycle Tours Highlights

· Tour on the Royal Enfield Classic Desert Storm on the Tibet Motorcycle Tours

· A monumental ride over the Tibetan plateau very few get to experience.

· Visit Everest Base Camp and see Mt Everest on the Tibet Motorcycle Tours.

· Only 10 bikes per tour for an extremely personalized and hassle free riding experience on Tibet Motorcycle Tours.

· All nights in carefully chosen, comfortable hotels and guest houses.

· On the Tibet Motorcycle Tours, Arrive in Nepal and then ride into Tibet, experience two countries and different cultures in one tour.

· Experience true Buddhist culture and visit the Patola palace, the traditional home of the Dalai Lama on the Tibet Motorcycle Tours

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South India Tour

The South India tour covers all of the finest Hill Stations of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and the famous beaches of Goa.

Riders get the chance to work on their tan and sample Goa's famous beach life before ending up at our base in Anjuna for some shopping and relaxation. There are also a few famous Hindu temples that we stop at along the way so everybody gets chance tto experience the delights of Incredible India.
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Our Unique Formula

The most breathtaking scenery on the planet.

Small Riding Groups
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world's highest motor able roads up to altitudes of 18,390 ft

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