World motorbike rideS 2017-18


If you've adventured a little and got 'the adventure travel bug' you'll already have many of the abilities that you need to take you across China & around the world. Moto Explorer world touring combines the support, logistics & experiences of your fellow riders to enable you to explore the world.

On each stage of the expedition riders benefit from the Motoexplorers experience; sharing knowledge, contacts & logistics to enable you to ride across USA-Alaska-Canada-Europe & China - 20,000 mile around the world by motorcycle.

RTW - Motorcycle Around World - in 2 Moto expedition stages:


Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Laos, Thailand, 66 days, ride-August 2017

£5200 inclusive of Chinese fixer and support guide, all China ride permits & fees, all accommodation.

also options for escort/support through Kyrgyzstan, Laos & Thailand, + return UK motorcycle ffreight options
Motoexplorer UKtoChina

monument valley usa america landscape tour

Ride stage 2. Alaska - to Miami

Canada - USA 44 days, 6 week ride - August 2017

£2895 + own travel costs, freight, lodgings. (total est £8000)

This stage can also be completed solo using our ride notes, anytime.

includes our route-ride notes, moto-support truck for tyres, spare parts, fuel oils etc
accommodation contacts, travel advice and map books.

An epic Around the World motorcycling adventure - Motoexplorers free-style!

Alaska & Canada Coast to Coast, Alaska, Yukon, Rockies - to Miami
Includes bike escort, way-points, ride-routes, freight & travel logistics.

Riders can join others on any stage of the rides.

managing your own budgets gives us more freedom and flexibility.

motoexplorers moto touring RTW

World moto adventure

An epic motorcycling adventure - free-Style Motoexploring.

Join any stage - anywhere to suit your own plans
contact us for other prices & to discuss your ideas.

grand canyon america touring

We recommend the Yamaha 660 Tenere for all expeditions
Other similar bikes, ie KTM, Triumph, BMW GS etc are all good for Kazakhstan and China stages.

CHINA expedition
Supporting motorcylists to explore and ride across China

How to ride motorcycles in China / Motorcycle riding across China
China expeditions include all costs for riding in China ie; entry permits, Chinese driving license documents, bike registration, Chinese guide & support vehicle along with all accommodation costs whilst riding in China. China motorbike ride

ALASKA TO MIAMI - 2017 Alaska USA & Canada

Alaskan Highway - Canada - America

An epic motorcycling adventure - free-spirited Motoexplorer style!

Ride fee: £2895 - USA stage 6 weeks. 2nd August 2017 to 14th september,
(plus riders own travel & freight costs)
Includes Moto-support truck & services.
8 bikes maximum ride size - (6 places available by application - contact motoexplorer Steve Hotson)

2017 Alaska Canada USA,

Alaska - USA Coast to Coast - 2017

Ride stages crossing Trans-America, Aklaska, Canada & US.

Ride motorcycles across America, Canada USA / Motorcycle exporers ride
American expeditions include assistance organising moto-freight to USA & Return shipping. Accommodation costs are left flexible, pay-as-you-ride, with facilities to combine hotels and camping.

Alaska - Canada - USA motorcycle ride

route66 motorbike tour route across USA



Motorbike Adventures TransAm & China stages

Travel formalities & motorcycling regulations -riders tour book. We provide guide notes for each Country through which we travel.

With up to 20 Countries on a tour, each with different laws & regulations, we do the leg work to ensure that the expeditions can progress as smoothly as possible.

Bike regs & Visa advice
We will provide advice for complying with border control procedures

This will make planning your expedition easier & give reassurance & safety by crossing major borders as a group.

Route guides - Maps, route notes & or Sat nav way points. Emergency assistance on route at waypoints.

You will have a good knowledge of routes & riding distances to enable you to complete the expedition. Even if you decide to ride alone, you will have access to assistance at key stages along the route, should you need help.

Bike maintenance advice & on tour maintenance & repair support. We can advise & assist with spare parts sourcing & despatch, worldwide.

bikes will be better prepared for expeditions. You will share tools & service items meaning less weight to carry.

Pre-expedition meeting & bike checks.

Re-assurance of meeting fellow riders & sharing advice on bike preparation.

Accommodation assistance. To enable these long distance rides to remain flexible on certain stages you can stop where & whenever you want to. Certain stages may be suitable for camping.

We will provide assistance locating characterful local accommodation in which riders can share whenever you wish. Added safety of camping with other riders, should you wish to camp.

Health & medical advice / assistance.
Riders first aid training.

You will have much more access to medical assistance than traveling alone. On longer expeditions, all riders should have a level of first aid knowledge.

Local contacts & resources

By being affiliated to a tour group you will have better access to local contacts, should assistance be needed.

Flexible Free Spirited

By its very nature, Adventure motorcycling can be unpredictable. We keep our exploring adventures as flexible & free-spirited as possible. You won't be over pampered or strictly instructed to stick to official tour routes. You will be provided with a flexible ride plan which you can structure to suit your own agenda & ride style.

Your Ride Your choices

You will be able to join the adventure at any stage of the ride. You'll chose when you want to travel with fellow riders & when you prefer to have a bit of riding time to yourself. As a group, we will meet at certain key way-points. We also carry communications equipment enabling us to track our bikes & summon assistance in the event of an incident.

Adventure motorcycling should be adventurous with an element of risk. Otherwise we'd all drive cars to the office & stay at home. We have all chosen to accept a certain degree of risk in our quest to expand our horizons and explore the world, beyond the norm of usual western expectations. We do of course take every possible precaution to limited our expose to un-necessary risks. By choosing to travel certain stages with a group of fellow riders, we can all assist each other to maintain a good balance to our adventures.

World motorbike TOURING

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Long distance overland MOTORCYCLE adventure motorbike riding from UK USA CANADA ALASKA China & THAILAND
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Ride your own bike across America


RTW across China
Travel documents
Chinese drivers license


Moto freight




Routes & ride plans


World touring stages

We cover;


& from 2017 stages:

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Motoexplorer motorcycle expeditions.
Information for riding motorbike across China

Paperwork and motor-vehilce permits to travel in China

Visas, documents for motorbiking China